Recharge Your Air Conditioning  







Air Conditioning Service from only £59.99 


Is your Air-con blowing out hot air?



Well here at New Rodley Motors, we can make it run a lot cooler or we won't charge you a penny!!!


One of our fully qualified vehicle Air conditioning Technicians will service your vehicles air conditioning unit and providing you with a breath of fresh air.


Benefits Of Keeping your air-con Serviced on a regular basis:


> Icy Cold Air For those Hot Summer Days

> Filter Pollutants/airborne particles inc. pollen helping allergy sufferers

> Ensure a pleasent odour free Vehicle (Bad odour caused by faulty system)

> Warm dehumidified air in winter easily demists steamed up windows!

> Service and operating cooler or we wont charge you a penny !!!!


From time to time you might find that your air conditioning unit will start blowing out hot air as opposed to nice icy cold air as it was designed to do. Here at we will locate and fix any problems with your vehicles Air Conditioning unit, to guarantee you a nice cool environment as and when you desire.


What causes air-con to stop working? Well, through none use the seals can seize. To prevent this you should run your air-con unit on a regular basis (even through the winter). Our service will ensure the system is toped up with coolant gas, making sure that there are no leaks, that the pipes and seals are all in a good condition and making sure the unit is running at the correct pressure.


A full Air conditioning Service from £89.99


To speak to one of our Technicians please call 0113 257 7770