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The daily challenges that most taxi drivers face, including driving to destinations within limited timescales, queuing in traffic, driving in bad weather along with the constant rushing around.....sound familiar? The last thing you need as a busy taxi driver is to worry about problems faced with your vehicle caused by high usage such as clutch problems, fuel consumption, brake problems, tyre wear, overheating etc.


Here at MechanicInLeeds.co.uk, our technicians have extensive knowledge and experience of all types of taxi vehicles – EuroCab, MetroCab and LTI’s.


Why not let us take the burden away of having to worry about the upkeep of your vehicle?

To add to the release of stress, we even provide taxis with a discount of 10% providing the cost of labour is over £80.00!!!*


See terms and Conditions for more details.....


So don’t delay, call one of our technicians today on 0113 257 7770